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SCCM2012 Re-Build OS - Security Group


Hi All,


Could somebody please help me out on an issue that we currently have with SCCM 2012.


Our Service Desk team has no access to the SCCM console and they push out software by placing the machine into a security group which works really well.


The problem that we have is when it comes to re-building the OS on a machine, we want them to be able to do the same as the software deployment


We understand that we can set the always re-run, however this puts the machine into an endless re-build loop.


At the moment we are deleting machine records from SCCM so that the machine gets picked up as an unknown, this is not very good for our remote sites as there is not always somebody there to PXE the machine in order to do this.


We need this to be as automated as possible.


Any help on this will be much appreciated.





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Folks might need a little more info to chime in with ideas... Are you wanting the Service Desk to be able to trigger an OS deployment to a fully functionl and/or non-working machine? And you say that there's not always someone there to PXE boot. Can you expand on that? If the machine won't boot, how would you image it?


For techies in the field, what we do is have an HTA that's part of our boot image that allows them to authenticate and delete resource objects (if it's a member of certain collections). That allows them to trigger an OS deployment just as if it's a bare metal machine (either via PXE or a USB key)...

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