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move old files/folders from file server to new location?

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I'm going to need some help here! I have a task from client to do some cleanup for their W2008 fileserver. I'm asked to move all files and folders older than 3 years (modified by). But This need to be done so that folder structure itself remains same even for the files and folders that are being moved. Idea is that when some random user asks to get some 5 year old picture from folder X we can find it easily.


This task needs to be done so that ALL files older than 3 years are moved. Even if they are located in folder where is lots of newer files AND folder structure will be same where files will be moved.


Is there anybody who can help me? Thank you!




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Have you looked at combining a script with Robocopy?



And if there's space, why not just copy the entire lump of data instead of just 3 years? Then, if the goal is to delete anything older than 3 years, after you confirm that you backed up everything successfully, have a script that trolls through the first dataspace and deletes the items older than 3 years.


Are you wanting something more specific than that?


In my opinion, it's going to depend on how much data you're talking about and weather it's a one-time thing, or a monthly process they want to trigger...

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