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Trying to deploy a single commandline

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So I got a program running on 150 computers. now, this program contains a certain file in the windows user folder that I want to remove.

So I tried creating a package with no program folder, and just this commandline: del "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\program\programcfg"

the commandline works, but as it work with the 'actively logged in user', I selected it to only run when user is logged in.
I then deployed it, but nothing happens though on the computers.. and I get this 'unknown' description

User: Not applicable
Description: No messages have been recieved
Message ID: 0
Status type: Uknown



I have 'NOT' attempted to create an application, my main problem is, this file is automatically generated just seconds after I delete it.
Which is on purpose, so I don't know how I would place a detection type on that.. since it leaves no traces of having been run other than
replacing a 'created date' on a file.

Is the problem because I use %USERNAME% ?? that seems to work though if I just manually run a script from the distribution point, so why not through config mgr?
Basicly, I just want to run this line on each computer 1 time: del "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\program\programcfg"

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