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SCCM 2012 / MDT Replace Scenario UDI Wizard

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I am convinced this is a simple oversight - and I am hoping I am proven right. However, regardless of how I configure the "restore data" page - everything remains greyed out and I cannot make any selections.


I have a Backup deployment that backs up the user state .mig data to a share just fine - works wonderfully. Now I am trying to get the UDI wizard, during the deployment of a new computer, to allow me to locate that .mig data and apply it.


this is the best picture I could find to represent what I am dealing with, however it's terribly small



It's just stuck on "Local"


nvm - uploaded a bigger one



And even if I get it to work somehow - there is no ability to type in the location of the files? How do I dynamically configure this wizard to select the correct .mig file?


This is the final step in building my deployment - I am excited to get it accomplished. We're going live with it next week.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!

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I figured it out - so I figured I'd post it up in case anyone else may experience this issue.


When using SCCM 2012 integrated with MDT - if you want to get the replace scenario to work properly using the UDI Wizard editor - you must also include the Volume page directly before the UserRestore page. The two are linked by the "Clean Drive" check box on the volume page. If you do not use this page, the Restore page will be locked out. If you do not select "Clean this drive" from the volume page, the wizard assumes you want to migrate data on the machine - and blocks out the Network / USB fields.


So to get it to work with success - Make sure your wizard has the Volume page before the restore page - and select "Clean this drive". This will allow you to interact with the restore options.


And also, on that note. The credentials you used to back up the user data will be built into the .mig file. So when you go to restore the data, the credentials you use will be the determining factor in which .mig file the UDI wizard restores.


Hope this helps someone out there lol - it was an annoying situation for me

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