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Mikey C

OSD Failure - Download Failed?

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This is a task sequence which is run fairly regularly without issues. The package OB100168 is used in every deployment and has no issues normally.

Therefore I am starting to believe there is a network issue somewhere. Can anyone see from the attached if that is the cause?



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This is an intermittent issue which is happening on the occasional device. We are not imaging many machines, about a dozen devices a day at the moment. The vast majority work, there is only the occasional failure due to this reason.


In other words, the account is not locked, not expired and not disabled and works nearly all of the time.

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I think this is a known problem which MS have not yet fixed/identified but other users are also experiencing the same





I will add the solution from Technet for completeness on here:






We got a reply from Microsoft

- The issue as been verified in their lab, and they are working on a proper solution.

- The workaround suggested by them is as follows:

Create two Task Sequence Variables at the very top of the TS, right below "Execute Task Sequence"

SMSTSDownloadRetryCount = 5

SMSTSDownloadRetryDelay = 15

I've done this myself, and the TS now completes.

Just wanted to confirm that this worked for me at a recent client, another MVP also had the issue and it worked for him as well.

Setting the variables, also improved the OS image download speed as well.

Microsoft is aware of the bug and it's filed, hopefully we'll have a hotfix to address soon.

Chris Nackers
Microsoft MVP - Enterprise Client Management

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