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Patching clients with Secondary distribution points


Sorry If this has been addressed somewhere else on here, I have not been able to find anything on this subject, and am a new user on this site.


Here is my scenario. I am running sccm 2012 sp1. I recently setup 6 secondary sites at various offices throughout the US. I have been operating using just my primary site to patch and deploy applications to all my clients and that's been working well aside from issues with low bandwidth. Now I want to transition to having the patches and apps pushed to my secondary sites, and then having the clients get the patches and apps from their on-site server (The secondary sites).


My Secondary sites have the following roles installed on them:

Component server

Distribution point

Fallback Status point

Management Point

Site System


I have boundary groups configured for each site, that lists their onsite servers in the references tab, and I am able to distribute content to the new servers no problem.


What else am I going to need to do to get the said concept implemented? Do I need to setup a new ADR for patches? If I distribute a new application to the new secondary site, and deploy it to the users at that site, will they know to check the on site server for the content? Which logs can I look at to see the clients are pulling the content from the correct server?


If anyone can help get me pointed in the right direction for how this ties together, I would really appreciate it.



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Thanks Peter! I think that answers my questions, I just want to verify something for patching. So for all my clients to get their patches from their on-site servers, I'll need to setup an ADR to distribute the deployment package to the new DPs. And so long as the clients are in the boundary group with the correct DP assigned, They will look to the specified DPs to pull the content?


Thanks again

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