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WDS (No response from Windows Deployment Services server)


Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to use WDS on Windows Server 2012 r2. I also have the MDT 2012 and Windows ADK 8.1 installed. I am however, just trying to get WDS barebone working at the moment. I have had WDS working as a standalone but when I moved it to be integrated with Active Directory I have run into issues. The WDS server is on it's own VM and the DHCP/DNS/AD DS are all on another VM. I have set up a VLAN test environment with the two servers and multiple clients all on the same subnet and blocked off from our production environment. There is a screenshot of my client booting from PXE attached here. It downloads the wdsnbp.com from the correct IP. I have tried prestaging in AD with no results. If I add a computer and its GUID in AD, I can see it appear in the prestaged devices in WDS. I know all clients and servers are communicating with each other from looking through the logs. The Deployment-Services-Diagnostics log in EventViewer shows the correct client VM MAC address booting from PXE and downloading wdsnbp.com so I know it is connected to the server.


My current WDS settings are:

  • Respond to all client computers (Known and unknown) - with require administrative approval for unknown computers checked.
  • Do not listen on DHCP ports unchecked, and configure DHCP options to indicate that this is also a PXE server unchecked.
  • Allow Windows Deployment Services to dynamically discover valid domain servers
  • Authorize this Windows Deployment Server in DHCP

My current DHCP settings are:

  • Option 66 configured to point to WDS server IP
  • Option 67 configure to point to boot\x64\wdsnbp.com (I have tried x86 as well with the same results)

I feel like I have tried everything and have run into a wall now. Since it worked as a standalone I believe it is likely to be something wrong with my AD setup.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What OS are you looking to deploy? I'm having some issues getting PXE to work with 8.1 Tablets (Panasonic Toughpads). I get the wdsnbp.com to download and then it restarts automatically.


However, I do know that ADK 8.1 is not supported with MDT 2012 Update 1. In order for me to get things working (by manually running the Lite Touch script), I needed to download MDT 2013. Not sure that this will resolve your issue specifically, but I know that you might run into issues with it otherwise.



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