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Hi Windows-Noob ppl,

I have this problem and I don't know how to solve it.

If i want to edit an applications requirement I get the first image no options at all.

When I want to set an requirement on a application I get the second image, no options at all.

It's like the box is not initiated or something. I don't know where to look to fix this issue.

Just to clear it out I am full administrator and it has worked before, as you can see in the first image.

A some sort of related question on my other post:


Anyone seen this before?



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I Found the problem..


I opened SMSPROV.log and wached the log as I clicked throug to the point where the problem is. this is what the log tells me.:

Execute SQL =select distinct tCategory.LocaleID,tCategory.CategoryInstance_UniqueID,tCategory.CategoryInstanceName from fn_ListCategoryInstances(1033) as tCategory,fn_ListCICategoriesAll(1033) as tRelation,fn_ListGlobalConditions_List(1033) as tCI  where ((((tCategory.CategoryTypeName = N'GlobalCondition' AND tCategory.CategoryInstanceID = tRelation.CategoryInstanceID) AND tRelation.CI_ID = tCI.CI_ID) AND tCI.ModelName = N'ScopeId_133D0CAC-6B3F-4341-90B8-3DBDEBBFA5BD/GlobalExpression_bfbd1f4b-a7ea-4525-85ce-4f590ca54ac7') AND tCI.PlatformType = 1)

I tried to remove things from the query that didn't work and I was left with this: tCategory.CategoryTypeName = N'GlobalCondition'

So I changed the query to this:

Select Distinct * from fn_ListCategoryInstances(1033) as tCategory

and when I look at CategoryTypeName I don't see any "GlobalCondition".


I just can't figure out how the hell that can disapeer?

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