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Just looking for a deeper dive into software inventory and wondering if anyone can answer a few questions:

  • If I switch my simple 7 day schedule to a custom schedule after hours and the clients are powered down, will those clients wait until the next schedule to run the inventory?
  • If so, is there a log file to tell when the next inventory scan will fire? I had a look in the Scheduler.log but couldn't see anything immediate.
  • Anyone have any issues running the software inventory with virus protection such as McAfee?

Just trying to isolate some reported slowness on specific clients and am looking for hard evidence that it's not SCCM.



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My understanding is that if a machine misses the schedule, it will attempt run the process the next time the client starts. It is normally recommended to leave it on the simple schedule because it will randomize the times that it will run. By doing the custom schedule, all machines run and report back to SCCM at almost the same time. It creates a higher workload on not just the server but the network. After hours it probably doesn't matter much but if you have a lot of machines checking in first thing in the morning, that could cause an issue.


There is an easy way to test though. Take a test machine and put it in its own collection. Deploy a custom schedule to that collection for something in the afternoon. Make sure the machine receives the policy and then shut it down. Let the time window pass and then turn it back on. Track the logs and see if it runs.


As for your antivirus question...wish I could help but I avoid McAfee like the plague. We are actually running SCEP on our systems.

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1) I almost never recommend turn on SW inv. IMO it s a waste of time. Now to answer your questions.

  • No the PC will preform SW inv when they power up.
  • see comment above.
  • Yes, SW in will take ~ 4 hours to run and clients will "feel" that it is running! Hence why I never recommend enabling SW inventory.

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