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Dmitry Shumov

How to get a inventory report with user full name and user's OU information

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OK absolute noob here. I've been "learning" SCCM 2007 for about a year and while I can do a lot of things, I cannot script so I am forced to dig out stuff from those of you online who generously share your knowledge.

I am diving into reports and queries but struggle with doing a copy paste of these reports and having them function without error. I am copy/pasting to word pad and then trying to paste it in to sccm but seems like it never works. My assumption is that I am not addressing or qualifying the tables that are being used. simply pasting the SQL statement: is not enough correct? I down loaded a utility - Creating Custom Reports By Using SQL Views but its a huge struggle if you don't know SQL.


My goal is to get one that shows me all devices that are member's of more than one collection and I would like, having now found it, to use this All-in-one report.


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by default,client is member of more than one collections i,e member of default collections. what are you trying to achieve by knowing client is member multiple collections ?

you can try looking at this report to know client is member of what collections instead of all clients. http://eskonr.com/2009/07/sccm-report-computers-member-of-which-collection/

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