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Weird Issue: CPU Clock Multiplier Changes During OSD TS only on Single Model at Single Site

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Hey Guys / Niall -

I've got the strangest issue I've ever seen with SCCM and need suggestions, please. I recently started at a company which already had pretty extensive OSD TS used for all models. They have a single production OSD task sequence for use with all systems. It has a frontend that integrates with the ticketing system as well as AD and is written with AutoIT using code from the SCCM 2012 R2 SDK.

The Issue

One specific model specific model (Dell E5440) at only one specific site (New York branch) runs extremely slow when running the OSD TS from WinPE to standard use pf the system after imagine.

When looking into it today, I ran an extensive report on a machine with the issue and my system which is in Nashville, runs fine, and is also a E5440 imaged with the same TS. I exported the reports (16mb text files each) then compared in WinMerge.

What Causes it to be Slow

When I reached CPU Type, I found the following difference:

  • My Machine: Intel Core i7-4600U, 3000 MHz (30 x 100)
  • E5440 /w Issue: Intel Core i7-4600U, 800 MHz (8 x 100)

As you can see, the multiplier is somehow at 8 instead of 30. how does this happen during OSD - especially - only at a single site which runs the exact same task sequence?

I looked through the TS (which I'm still becoming famailer with) but haven't seen anything which would edit the BIOS. I also took a spare 5440 and got into the BIOS myself. There's not even an option to set the multiplier there manually if I wanted to!

Other Tests Performed

I already mentioned that running the same TS here in Nashville (and 2 other sites) on the same model works fine. We imaged one here in Nashville, tested that it was fine, then shipped it to New York. They then imaged it (using the same task sequence we used here) and it still had the slowness issue from WinPE to standard use afterwards.

Any ideas or suggestions as to how to fix and/or what is causing this to happen?


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