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SCCM2007/MDT2010 Windows 7 ZTI Deployment Woes

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Hi all,


Finally getting back on track in updating my workplace's 4800-odd computers to Win7/Office 2010 - The UDI method for new machines works great, and for the odd machine being updated within the IT Dept for testing purposes of applications.


However, for the other 4800 machines, the ZTI task sequence keeps hitting snags.


Currently, it has worked correctly from start to finish ONCE... An immediate retry, with no changes, resulted in it failing...


Successful parts include -

  1. Computer name and adding to domain - this part is completely successfull and correct
  2. Identifying applications for mapping purposes - though, I have yet to add all the applications yet

Unfortunately -

  1. Having identified the correct applications, it doesn't install them
  2. there are several pauses built into the sequence that used to work (only there for checkpoints to view logs) - It now just barrels past them...
  3. Though the customsettings.ini file has a network location set, and has an account set for access rights, it will not remotely save either the user migration files or the imagex backup - And then promptly wipes them when applying the Win7 wim

Can anyone help? Is there something obvious that I've missed? When I look through the logs I see that it claims the task sequence ID is blank, which appears to be what causes it to crash out, as it now hasn't got it's list of things to do beyond the basic windows install.


I've attached several of the log files, along with the CustomSettings.ini and the task sequence






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