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Booting "Recovery" Environment from PXE

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Hi Everyone


I just found this forum and thought I could get some advices.


We are trying to move from WDS to SCCM, already done with the PXE settings and all the rest - the SCCM is working fine but I have few cases that i'm not sure how to find solution yet.


in our WDS when we are use F12 to boot from PXE we have several options : 1. Setup 2. Capture 3.Recovery environment.

this recovery environment is like windows to go just for helping our technicians helping better in the office without needing some kind of hirens boot, they just use the PXE and boot to debug it.


I'm trying to migrate this to the SCCM but with no luck. this is .wim so I thought it won't be a problem but looks like sccm behave differently. did anyone try to do some kind of things with the SCCM ? is it even possible ? I did not find any post on it after I googled around.


Thanks for your help. ;)

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What is that "recovery environment" that you're talking about? Is it just a stripped windows, or winpe version?

It's a winpe someone made few years ago I guess. I should have asked it this way. is there any option to boot instead of applying the image on the computer ?

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