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Deploy SP1 for Office 2013 Pro Plus

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Good morning

we are using around 250 clients with office 2013 Professional Plus and now i would like to deploy the SP1 via SCCM 2012.


I tried:

Create Collection (SP1_for_Office_2013ProPlus)

Created an deployment on the Service Pack that i downloaded first

added test Clients to the Collection


My Problems:

1. if the User is not logged in or the Office is open, the installation fails. Do you have a better way to install the Service Pack

2. i cannot find a nice report where i see which Clients are installed and which have still an old version on.


- i made a query where i check the clients of the Version "equal to 15.0.4551.1509"


how get i the different. All Clients without this Version. in my case i have around 20 different versions of Office 2013 Pro Plus if i search for all Office 2013 Pro Plus.

If i set the Query to not like This version i get 2000 Clients listed and unfortunately i cannot export the result to an excel where i can set an filter.


I really get comfused :-/


Short what i want:

- the best way to deploy sp1 to office (best practice)

- Get an report where i have all clients they need SP1 and an Report where all successfuly installed Clients.


Thanks a lot for your Help

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