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Unable to get Virtual Machine Manager Service to start

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Hi all,


long time lurker, firs time poster.


When connecting to ConfigMgr via Work Resources this morning we’ve getting an error about Remote Desktop Gateway server being unavailable.




Discovered the server may well be down, as it is not responding to pings.


Connected to our virtual manager manager server via a remote desktop connection to attempt to view the status of the gateway and I get another error about the Virtual Machine Manager service not running.


I;ve attempted to start it via services, but it stops straight away.


Looking at the report.txt log file I notice it says the below


---> (Inner Exception #0) Microsoft.VirtualManager.Utils.CarmineException: Highly Available VMM service cannot be started as non-HA VMM service.

Use Cluster management interface to start the VMM service rather than using Service Control Manager interface.


I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.


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Hello Adenewton,


I haven't used VMM in an HA architecture before, so I won't be of a lot of help.


That being said, take a look at the following links. The first one walks through setting up a High Available VMM environment. Maybe something is missing or not configured correctly in yours.


The second link is a thread of some that have experienced a similar issue as you, maybe it will be of some help.





Additionally, the error message says to use the Cluster Management Interface instead of Services. So, open the Failover Cluster Manager tool, and check for the clustered service there, and attempt to start it.


Let me know.

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Thanks for the reply.


It turned out our DCs had been down for 30 mins the evening before and this caused some communication issues.


I needed to connect to the HA via the HA name rather than the actual servers, then I was able to reboot the necessary device and re-register with DNS and everything returned to normal.

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