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Packages no longer being added to OSD


I have multple customers at Different Geograpical locations. Over the past few weeks when my customers perform OSD VIA PXE packages have suddenly stopped being added!.


Normally I add Reader, Flash, Mcafee Agent to the OSD Task Sequence.


Now they are no longer being added!. The Task Sequence completes successfuly but those packages are missing!.


I have Continue on Error turned on to prevent More angry people from calling me about task failing!. I am not in front of my work computer now to check the logs, but what log file should i check in to see what is causing this?


I know i can always turn Continue on error off but i want to leave that for a last alternative. I know boundaries are not an issue as the task sequence is able to start.



Windows Server 2012R2, SCCM 2012R2, Image being deployed is Windows 7 SP1 64bit

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Figured this out. I had a package being added to a task sequence which uninstalled unwanted software off my image, plus rebooted after it completed. I had that included as a first step. thus it rebooted and the rest of the task sequence never completed.

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