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Office 2010 installed, but not detected by SCCM

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I recently discovered that an outlook plugin I push out as an application through SCCM wasn't getting installed on some computers. Upon further investigation, I found that the deployment listed these computers as not meeting requirements. The requirement missing is listed as "Microsoft Office". That's the name of a dependency group I created, which contains Office 2010 and Office 2013. According to the text in the "Edit Dependency" window, this should mean that one or the other of those applications has to exist on the machine. Office 2010 is part of our standard image, and is on every workstation we put out. I confirmed that it is still installed on the workstation I'm using to troubleshoot this issue.


Checking the properties of the deployment type used by the Office 2010 application, the detection method is set to check for the existence of MSI Product code {90140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}. On the affected computer, I searched the registry for that product code, and found it contained in the multi string value "ProductCodes" under key:



The ProductCodes value contained multiple entries, as listed below:

I also checked the appdiscover.log on the affected computer. There I find that it accurately detected Office 2010 as installed, and the plugin as not installed.
What am I missing here? I've got about 60 workstations that don't have this plugin installed because SCCM thinks they don't meet requirements, but everything I can find says they do meet the requirements.

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