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How best to handle apps with new versions frequently? (i.e. Java)

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This question is prompted by, but not necessarily limited to, Java and it's frequent updates.


What's the best way to configure an application in SCCM when new versions of the app are released and need to be deployed frequently?


For Java, I've been creating a new Application in SCCM each time a new version comes out, naming it "Java 7 update 473" or whatever. I set it to supersede, and to uninstall the old version rather than upgrading. I deploy the new version, delete the deployment of the old version, and retire the application for the old version. Then, if I remember to, I go edit our OSD task sequence, removing the version of java from the Install Applications step and replacing it with the new version. If I forget, then the next time our desktop tech goes to re-image a machine it fails.


That works, but it seems like there must be a better way. Preferably, an option that doesn't leave my Applications list with a dozen Retired application entries for versions of the same program. (I'm sure I can just delete the old ones at this point, but that's not really the point.)


I considered just having one application for Java and creating a new Deployment type. Then I wouldn't have to update the OSD task sequence each time, or deploy new versions and retire old versions of the app each time. I'm not sure that would though, work since supersedence is configured at the application level. I need to be sure old versions get uninstalled when the new version goes in.


How do others handle frequently updated applications such as this?

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You're doing the "normal" type av version handling.
However there are numerious 3rd party applications to extend SCCM functionality for these common applications such as Java, Flash, Silverlight etc.
What they normally do is that you in your SCCM Console approves a specific version and it distributes to the ones needed and automatically uninstalls previous versions.
Personally i've not tried them but i have heard that they are a real time saver.

To name some of them:
Ninite - https://ninite.com/help/enterprise/sccm.html
Shavlik - http://www.shavlik.com/products/patch/
Solarwind - http://www.solarwinds.com/solutions/microsoft-sccm-patch-management.aspx



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If you are deploying something like , flash, java etc, the installer is always the same. so you an use the same install package, but not the same app.

copy the contents of your install package and create a new windows folder, copy everything in there. edit the install script and then you have a new package.


as for older versions on your network create a query for old versions on your network and deploy the new application to the new collection. yes its a pain to update your task sequence but its only a few minutes of your time.

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