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Operating System Images - Schedule Updates

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We are trying to use Schedule updates for our win7 Wim in our 2012 r2 cu2, we are new to this feature.


OfflineServicingMgr.log says success, the console says success, and if i take properties on the wim and checks the installed updates tab it says it have installed 42 updates.


but if i after the windows installation completes checks installed updates none of the new patches are there, the only patches i can see are the ones that i applied during the first build we did. And after a few minutes software center tells me that there are 16 win7 updates to be installed.


so my questions.

Why didnt the 42 updates get installed?

Why does software center only provide 16 updates when Schedule Updates said it installed 42?


and here is a example from the log.


Checking if update (283 of 283) with ID 16797643 needs to be applied on the image. 1 content binarie(s) are associated with the update. SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 2014-08-18 14:39:44 1020 (0x03FC)
Applicability State = APPLICABLE, Update Binary = D:\ConfigMgr_OfflineImageServicing\4fb15e55-7a19-4cea-96f1-63e45ea209dc\windows6.1-kb2980245-x64.cab. SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 2014-08-18 14:39:48 1020 (0x03FC)
Applying update with ID 16797643 on image at index 1. SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 2014-08-18 14:39:48 1020 (0x03FC)
STATMSG: ID=7908 SEV=I LEV=M SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER" SYS=CM01.forg.se SITE=C01 PID=2360 TID=1020 GMTDATE=mån aug 18 12:40:11.285 2014 ISTR0="16797643" ISTR1="C01000CD" ISTR2="1" ISTR3="" ISTR4="" ISTR5="" ISTR6="" ISTR7="" ISTR8="" ISTR9="" NUMATTRS=0 SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 2014-08-18 14:40:11 1020 (0x03FC)
This update binary was successfully updated on the mounted image. SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 2014-08-18 14:40:11 1020 (0x03FC)


This patch., KB2980245, the log says it is installed, installed softare tab says it is installed. but yet this patch is in software center ready to get installed.


Can someone help me understand this?

And i have updated the DP, about 1 hour after Schedule updates completet.


Regards Erik

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did you update the new image to your distribution points after injecting the updates ? and are you pointing to the new wim image in your deploy task sequence

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I have updated the DP, but doing it again now.

But the new Wim, i have done nothing about that.

As i understands it Schedule Updates makes a copy of the old Wim and renames it to.bak, and it patches the same Wim as i used and therefor i dont need to change any TS or wimfile. or am i wrong?

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you are correct, I describe the entire process here


my point being, once you've added the updates did you update that wim to the dp's or not and are you sure your task sequence is using that wim ?

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