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Capture custom WIM for OSD

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We have been using an unattend.xml file created with Windows System Image Manager to create custom .wim files to deploy systems with a USB flash drive. I am attempting to use SCCM 2012 R2 to PXE deploy a custom OS but I am having problems translating our previous OS customization method into SCCM.


Our current customization method is to start with a reference system, for example a Dell OptiPlex 9010, and use a Dell OEM Windows 7 DVD to start installing the OS. During the part of the OS installation where it asks you to enter a user name we hit CTRL-SHIFT-F3 and go into audit mode. We then install all drivers, updates, applications, and any desktop customizations we want. When we are finished we sysprep /oobe /generalize using an unattend.xml that includes "copy profile = True" to make the current administrator profile into the default profile. We then capture this system by booting to WinPE and running imagex. We can then use the .wim file with an installer disk to boot to a USB drive for OS installation.


I have found many posts dealing with how to deploy an OS but very few on how to capture a custom OS image in the first place. For instance, I would love to be able to change the computer name, join to a domain, and install the SCCM client during OS deployment.


Can I still use some of my previous method to create a customized .wim? Is it common to create custom .wim files for OSD or am I holding on to an obsolete method?


Thank You

Carl Sund

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Check your PM first, but...



You could use some/most or your previous methods, sure. The .wim file captured with imagex can be used in an OSD task sequence. If you're dealing with multiple models of workstations, you might want to/should probably think about skipping driver installation of your master image, and let the task sequence take care of it for you during deployment.

Not sure how the copyprofile feature behaves in a config manager scenario, as I've never bothered with it.

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