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Revert to Sccm 2007

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Recently installed SCCM 2012 while using SCCM 2007 for production.

Pan was to keep using 2007 until 2012 fully tested and functioning properly.

However clients are now puling packages form 2012 which we do not want


So simply how can we revert back to SCCM2007 for clients to receive packages .updates etc...



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Have a simular issue with the split enviroments all clients apart from one area that is to remain for a while have been migrated from 2007 and we have found that OSD in that envoiroment realy is not recoverable.


the new OSD is being done under 2012 and the builds are fine with the 2012 client but we need to have the 2007 client for the location these devices are going to site.


I have tried and sussefuly removed the 2012 client bith through the /uninstall swith and ccmclean.exe the issue then comes when you try and intall the 2007 client I have even tried to do it through the cmd line

and you can see the ccmsetup folder being created and it runnning in the process's but after a while it backs out some of the entries in the folder and there is no visable installation.

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