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I'm thinking of recommending my team to adopt SCVMM for windows server administration but wanted to know from an IT audience perspective:

- Are you using SCVMM today? If not, what other products do you prefer to use?

- What are the top 3 features you use within SCVMM that makes system/server administration easy?

- How hard was it to make SCVMM a part of your toolset?

Thanks, Billy

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I have worked for/with many companies that use SCVMM.


Some of the features that are valuable include:

  • Automatic Cluster Patching
  • Being able to manage/integrate with VMWare products (and not just Hyper-V)
  • Support for 2nd gen VMs (i.e. Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8)
  • Live cloning of virtual machines
  • Dynamic Optimization and Power Optimization

As for your question about how hard to make it a part of one's toolset, it is easy. The product itself is easy to setup (see the SCVMM guides that I have posted here, or here). Also, even if you don't utilize all the features, it works well as a centralized Host/VM management system.

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