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SQL Query to return collected filenames and titles

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Hi Garth and thanks for your reply.


The built-in report for "Count of all instances of software registered with Add/Remove programs" returns the list of discovered apps but doesn't provide me with a corresponding exe. I'm trying to source them so I can run the PowerShell script to generate Software Metering rules.


I agree, SINV reports a load of chaff that you have to wade through but given that I've around 300 apps to establish rules for, I'm happy to locate each from the endless list of executables...


Any other thoughts?



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So you really want 300 SWM rules?? Wow that is a lot. There is a limit to the number of rules that you can have and it is limited by the size of the policy rules that get download to the CM client. It is not a hard, fast limited as the more data you put in the less rules you can have, I have never hit it mostly because I have never had more than 25 rules. But the limit is approximately like 100, 250, or 500.


IMO, I would only write rules for that applications that require a license. I would also use the trick of using generic rule for an application and disabled SWM rules for reporting.




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