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Guide to installing and configuring SCCM 2012

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Hi, I'm having a hard time installing and configuring SCCM 2012 R2 using the following:


Current Setup

-Windows Server 2012 R2

-SCCM 2012 R2

-MS SQL 2012 SP1


The guides here uses


-Windows Server 2008 (which uses WSUS 3.0 SP2)

-SCCM 2012

-MS SQL 2008 SP1


And I'm having trouble in adding the WSUS role with my current setup.




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This is the procedure I made:


Install Windows Server 2012 R2, update OS

Install MS SQL Server 2012 (with these settings: Windows Auth, set it to default instance name which is MSSQLSERVER, credentials used is the domain admin account to avoid any permission issue, specified minimum and maximum memory, enabled TCP/IP used for ConfigMgr machine)

Installed SCCM 2012 R2, followed the guide as indicated in the pinned discussion here for Release Candidate)

and since the second step is adding SUP and WSUS, I followed that procdure as well.


The error I'm getting is this:




Here's the weird part. It says that I need to restart after that attempt to add the WSUS role. After I restart the server it still doesnt add the WSUS role. So what I did, was to attempt to add the WSUS role again, eventhough the installation failed prompted, when I click on Tools and checked, the WSUS component is there and when I executed this, the WSUS wizard did run.


So my next step was cancelled the WSUS wizard and instead add the SUP role for it to trigger the WSUS setup wizard, right? after setting up everything and showed no error, I decided to reboot the server just to ensure if everything's ok, unfortunately after the reboot, the WSUS disappeared again. I checked IIS the WSUS site was already there but there was no path since the WSUS role disappeared.




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Did you meet all the prerequisites before adding the role?


I remember I made that mistake once I cant remember the exact software I had to download beforehand in order to enable WSUS role to appear, report viewer redistributable 2008 or something?


But then again I'm on 2008r2, althought I do know if you installed wsus on 2008r2 and upgraded to 2012 without uninstalling wsus first, it causes it to mess up big time!

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