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Srini R

need help with setting up WSUS etc

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My Hierarchy is :

1. CAS server , WSUS remote console installed as WSUS is on remote server

2. WSUS Server For CAS , SUP role installed

3 . PRI01 Site Server on site A , WSUS remote console installed

4. WSUS Server For PRI01 , SUP role installed

5. PRI02 Site Server on Site B , WSUS remote console installed

6. WSUS Server For PRI01 , SUP role installed.

Things i have done so far:

1. I am able to configure without any issues , ( Doubt : Do I Need to configure WSUS for all the three sites ? )

2. I am able to sync without any issues across all sites ( CAS,PRi01,PRI01) ( Doubt : Does it syc / download all the actual update files or only the meta data, where does the data saved ? to the WSUS DB ?

3. Filtered the updates from all software update and Created a software group for windows 7 and windows 8.1 . ( Doubt : If i filter once , how about future updates ? will it automatically add to configured group from all software update ? )

4. Deployed the software group to respective Device collection, i.e win7 and win 8.1 collection. (Doubt : So I downloaded the update on CAS and distributed to the respective distribution point on PRI01 and PRI02, Is it correct ? )

5. The Deployed updates appeared in software center of the client, and after installing and restarting the client , the list in the software center disappeared , Is it normal behavior ?


Srini R

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you posted your questions on the end of someone elses thread, and they weren't related so I separated this,

in future, please raise a new topic when posting your questions.

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  1. Assuming that you used multiple primary site for the right reason, then yes, install the software update on every primary;
  2. Metadata only;
  3. It's a filter, so new updates that are within that filter will show, but they won't automatically go to the software update group;
  4. Yes, you should distribute the packages to the distribtution points;
  5. Yes.

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