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Misreporting DP's

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i have struggling with some of my distribution points, when i look at the \Monitoring\Overview\Distribution Status\Distribution Point Configuration Status it reports as my DP all green and fine. but i had some of our engineers complaining applications were not downloading. When i looked into it the content was missing.


so I used the SCCM toolkit, and the content library explorer, i noticed there were many packaged greyed out with a (PENDING) at the end. but when i checked the DP List there was no distribution happening.


so i have to basically go back to the application and redistribute them.


why is it miss reporting ??? any pointers appreciated

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Yes. Content validation is enabled on all distribution points for every saturday.

Most dp servers has packages in the PENDING state, even validation runs smoothly without problems. Some DP i have to redistribute packages, like software updates almost every time.... :(


I have scheduled a new validation on all packages now after patch tuesday and network outtages. On

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