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Advertisement Report - Counts mismatch

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Strange issue on My SCCM R3 installation


I have an Ad that I just created and targeted a collection that contains 8926 computers

The report for the ad shows that the ad was accepted by 8697 computers and got a no status from 228 computers (8697+228=8925)


The report also shows the status of the targeted Resources as follows

accepted no further status - 8

failed - 234

retrying - 3

running - 6

Succeeded - 8120


totatl (234+8+6+3+8120=8371


so where are the missing computers from the accepted ad?


based on the above i should have status on 8925 computers but i only total up to 8371

I am not sure where the missing boxes went to.


The same issue occurs on other Ads too, the percentages vary but I am unable to account for all the computers that accepted the ad


Any ideas?



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