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Is there a max number of deploying a Windows image simultaneously?

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I'm just starting with CM2012 and i'm wondering if there's a max number of clients I can deploy with CM simultaneously.

I've heard some complaints about it.

I've use Ghostcast for windows 7 images right now and a image about 20GB takes about 2~4hours(max) to deploy at 80 computers simultaneously.


But with WDS/MDT/CM I can automate the process. like joining to domains and so on.


But i'm afraid to use CM it simultaneously on 80 computers.


Everything is full Gigabit and Cisco switches. and switch to switch is Glass.


Anyone has ideas?



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you can use multicasting with Configuration Manager to image multiple computers at the same time using multicast technology instead of unicast,


of course you can automate joining the domain, have a look at my guides for ideas






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The op is only asking for real world examples of how many machines can be rebuilt simulateneously... fair question - is it documented

anywhere how many clients in the "real world" can be rebuilt at one time??


Has anyone ever been brave enough to initiate huge rebuilds across a live infrastructure/network?? has it been "perfect" ??


My dealings with configmanager 2012 have been frustrating to say the least.


I unfortunately have to now get to grips with configmanager for osd (forced too) , I've spoken with some real world top SCCM experts and apparantly 30 mins for an image with a lite build is good/average.


I personally prefer blasting machines with clonezilla or acronis..5 mins vs 30 mins?? -


But it is what is ...

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I think 30 minutes for a light build is pretty accurate. Mine takes closer to 60 minutes, but we have apps like Office 2013, Adobe Acrobat, etc. One of the benefits of SCCM is that you can integrate it with MDT 2013, and make a user-driven menu, so that you can select which apps you want to install during each build. There are pros and cons for each software. SCCM may be a little slower than Acronis, but the customization options make up for it (in my opinion.)


As for the "real world" question, I think it's dependent on the environment, and your switch speed and hardware. If I were the IT guy, on my first "mass push", I would do that during the evening, or on a weekend. As with all things in SCCM, test it out and see what the limits are, and then you can determine if it's something you can run during working hours, without negatively affecting the environment. From what I've seen, SCCM imaging hasn't stressed my environment, though I'm not using multicasting at this point.

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For me, it takes on average less than 30 minutes to image a system with apps like Office 365, AD join, Bitlocker encryption, etc. Also, there or significant advantages to using task sequences over the old pre-built images. Technology has changed a lot since 2014, though. I'll give you an update for 2021 with this. I've imaged at least 100 systems via task sequence at roughly the same time without Multicast without delay or any other issue. I don't think SCCM now called MECM has a software limit, and I agree with the only  limit being network speed and hardware.

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