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I am running SCCM 2012 R2 5.0.7958.1203



I discovered that the SCEP installation on some clients is not upgrading.


I see the following entry in ccmsetup.log file.



File 'C:\windows\ccmsetup\SCEPInstall.exe' with hash '8B76E87A25DFAE06CC36245FCDC269D94A99CE2F1374C105A1F41B3470C2CFD7' from manifest doesn't match with the file hash 'FDDB17A148D8358B5BFBF63BBB3CDE902DCE807366081FE16B8E6042DCB47C71'


Web searches point to articles that mention a specific hot fix that has created a mismatch of the hash values for scepinstall.exe and in ep_defaultpolicy.xml version in the \\<server name>\SMS_LM1\Client folder.


The hotfix does not appear to apply to me though I believe this condition was caused by an update of some sort.


I understand what the basic issue is. I don't understand how to correct it.


Is there someone who may be able to shed some light on the solution?




Dan Mahler

Grand Rapids, MI


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Dear All,


I need urgent help.


I also have this kind of SCEPInstall hash problem when trying to push the client install to a new client. The last few lines of the ccmsetup.log file from the client:


File 'C:\Windows\ccmsetup\SCEPInstall.exe' with hash 'FDDB17A148D8358B5BFBF63BBB3CDE902DCE807366081FE16B8E6042DCB47C71' from manifest doesn't match with the file hash '8B76E87A25DFAE06CC36245FCDC269D94A99CE2F1374C105A1F41B3470C2CFD7' ccmsetup 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 3588 (0x0E04)
Sending Fallback Status Point message to 'WS2012-SCCM.local.net', STATEID='325'. ccmsetup 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 3588 (0x0E04)
Failed to get client version for sending messages to FSP. Error 0x8004100e ccmsetup 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 3588 (0x0E04)
Params to send FSP message '5.0.7958.1401 Deployment SCEPInstall.exe' ccmsetup 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 3588 (0x0E04)
State message with TopicType 800 and TopicId {72A4DE05-EBF6-4EF2-97CB-767187CF38EC} has been sent to the FSP FSPStateMessage 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 3588 (0x0E04)
CcmSetup failed with error code 0x87d0029e ccmsetup 2015.02.16. 8:27:36 1728 (0x06C0)
SCCM version is 5.0.7958.1401
Under Software Library\Packages\Configuration Manager Updates I have several packages. In connection with the client, these updates I have:
KB 2905002 - x64 client update
KB 2905002 - x86 client update
R2 CU3 - x64 client update
R2 CU3 - x86 client update
What updates do I really need? How can I remove any of them if I have to?
Thanks for your help

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Have anyone found a solution to this . I Have the same problem.
In my case the "scepinstall.exe" accedently have been replaced in the "\\sccmsiteserver\sms_site\client" directory and then been placed back again .
I'm new at this. Is it possible to rebuild the client package in some way?

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