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Now that the last of the 2014 Software Updates are out, I want to clear out SCCM and setup just a few Update Groups.


We've had SCCM for just over a year, and there was a problem early on with people having access that they shouldn't. There are update groups with who knows what in them. Some have updates for every version of Windows possible, every Office update for every version. I think someone even setup updates for languages I can guarantee are not deployed in our environment.


One of the problems is the 500GB allotted to our SCCM server is full already.


1) How do I go about clearing out all these unwanted update groups?

2) How do I remove the unwanted files in the SOURCE$ directory?


3) What is the best practice for rolling all the years critical updates into a single Group/Deployment?


4) Am I making any sense with my questions?

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You can just highlight and delete the unwanted update groups. As far as cleaning up the sources directory if you go into your deployment packages and delete unwanted updates they should also be deleted from the package folders in your source directory.


Rolling everything up I personally would say is more of a personal preference than a best practice. Obviously everyone organizes things differently. But I would combine all my monthly update groups into one yearly update group. Create your yearly rollup group, then open each update group that you want to rollup, highlight the members, and select "edit membership" and select the rollup group you created. Once they are in the rollup group you should be able to delete the old group. The deployment package may be a bit more tricky as there is an update limit on deployment packages. So big rollup packages might not be possible.


http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh692394.aspx- See Operational Best Practices


Hope that helps.



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