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New Clients with software list

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From january 2015 we are getting new laptops.

Now I'm looking for a easy way to transfer all users to the new laptops.


We use SCCM2012R2.

We will be using Windows 8.1.

Images are ready, Tasksequences are made and working but here is what I want.


We roll out a standard image with some additional software (postinstallation in Tasksequence) like Office2013 and some other generic software.

Most of our users have additional software like Adobe CC or Keepass. This software is restricted and users have to a member of a AD security group, so it is available in de Application catalog.


For the new laptops I like to automate this process so we (the ICT department) can deploy the standard image plus the software the user needs. So the user gets a fully installed laptop.

We do not need to use USMT


I'm looking at UDI but it is not working. I just need a list of applications/packages in my current TSQ.



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Not sure what you are exactly looking for... Are you looking for a way to deploy user targeted application during the task sequence? If so, have a look at this: http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/install-user-targeted-applications-during-os-deployment-via-powershell-and-configmgr-2012/

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