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Injecting lan drivers

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I just started using SCCM 2012 R2 for OSD, I built a good image that I tested in deploying to VMs and it worked just fine.


Now step to deploy to physical machines. When I tried, the workstations reboots right after the WinPE starts, I enabled the command line and I saw in the logs errors related to network drivers. When I tried ipconfig, I got ony <Windows IP Configuration> message. So basically no drivers found.


I have the CD from the manufacture of the motherboard (ASUS), and it's supposed to have all drivers, I tried to load some but unfortunately still same issue.

In fact, I am not sure what are the drivers SCCM is looking for. in my drivers folder I go to :


Intel\Win8.1\PRO1000\Winx64 , in this folder I got 3 folders (NDIS62, NDIS63, NDIS64) and in each folder I got many drivers (inf files, like e1c62x64 , e1d62x64 , etc....) How would you know what folder and what drivers to use?


Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Thank you Safet.


I just figured it out, by researching the motherboard and getting the info from ASUS, the exact model that came with this motherboard is I218-LM , I found that the driver e1d64x64 located in folder NDIS64 does the job.


Thanks again for the info.

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