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SCCM and Powershell DSC

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Morning All,


Happy New Year, I trust you have all had a good one?


I am wondering if anyone has any experience with utilising the new Powershell DSC stuff into SCCM, and which route people would recommend. The way I see it, we have two ways that we can manage client compliance:


1) Using 'Configuration Baselines'. that has a nice GUI and built in reporting. We can do advanced queries using powershell scripts for any custom components we need.

2) We create Powershell Manifests and use DSC. We could then use task sequnces, packages/applications to actually deploy them and enforce. I imagine monitoring these could be a little more complex (custom report, mof files etc)





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I'm in most cases still prefering Configuration Baselines, mainly because it's proven and has good reporting capabilities. Also, I know that a couple of MVPs discussed this during MMS. I just can't find anything more then their presentation here: http://mms2014.sched.org/event/001f7403184dcf748d6c7a75139f8c60#.VKrjMOk5CHs

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Thanks Peter.


That is an interesting Powerpoint.


We have two key teams within the organisation that will be managing the Compliance within the datacentre, and each have a very different outlook on what tool is best. We have a Support Team (who manage up to the OS) and an Application Team who take it from IIS upwards. The latter are programmers by heart and love tools like Puppet, which is why DSC is so exciting.


I suppose to future proof ourselves, who it make sense to use Config Baselines that use DSC style scripts to report back compliance? Or is that over complicating matters?

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