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GPO Power Policies with Different GUIDs

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Hello all,


Hoping someone can help me out here.


I got a question about Group Policy I’m having an issue with.


I’m trying to create multiple custom Power Plans, each will be for different purposes.


1 for Staff,

1 for Students,

1 for machines we don’t want to lock.


I would like for each of these plans to be default for the specific user and not be able to be changed.


I know how to get all of this working except for 1 part. The Plans need to be locked down by their GUID.


When I send out the plans, the same plan on computer A will have a different GUID then the same plan on computer B.


Does anyone have any idea on how to make it so a custom power plan will have the same GUID on all computers?



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Nevermind, figured it out. I deleted all the power plans and then created them on my computer using windows. Then I found the reg key containing the guid and all policies and imported them into a GPO. I then had folders for each policy and used targeting to apply them to certain security groups and organizational units. I also used a reg key to make the policies the default active policy so they couldnt be changed. I also changed the description of the policy as well. I'll post some pics and a better description tomorrow with how to do all this. Thanks

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