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We're currently on Exchange 2010 SP3 and are in the process of migrating to a hosted 2013 Exchange. As part of the migration, we've changed our internal DNS mx record for our mail server to our hosted site.

Since then, we've checked the boxes in Outlook to force http on fast and slow networks, in an effort to ensure all users encounter the same user experience, whether they're at work or home or traveling.

The issue now is that SOME (maybe 5/250, and increasing) have an issue where the room finder drop down (room finder shows just fine - this issue is simply the drop down) is missing. We can uncheck the boxes for http on fast and slow networks and the drop down returns immediately after re-opening Outlook.

However, we have a policy forcing these settings, and each time a user closes Outlook, the boxes are checked, and then room finder drop down is gone again. I've come across this article:https://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/exchange/en-US/a320d929-a610-4af7-aace-4b17636d4583/room... which outlines the exact issue, but as seen, there was no solution.

The Exchange Add-in is enabled, and only some users have issues. The issue persists for users across computers, and seems to only occur for the users Windows profile. For example: If I log into a computer, manually add a "troublesome" users mail account, I have no issues. If I log in as the "troublesome" user, and let autodiscover add the account, the issue persists, regardless of what computer.

However, Outlook 2013 the issue is gone. Is there any reason this might be? Is there anything we can do to remedy the issue, aside from installing 2013?

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