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Screwed up SQL 2012 & SCCM 2012

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Afternoon guys I was wondering if you could help me!
I managed to screw up my SCCM 2012 R2 really bad, my C: drive was running dangerously low on space so I decided to run a 3rd party program (CCLEANER) and clicked more options that I normally would including delete all my IIS log files, which gave me back 13GB, I thought yeah great! This will give me some time so I add some more space to my partition in the meantime however everytime I connected to the SCCM Console I get the error Configuration Manager cannot connect to site.
Somehow it managed to screw up the database badly on the SQL 2012 (both SQL and SCCM installed locally) which I proceeded to uninstall then reinstall from scratch again.  Low and behold this didn't work at all.
I tried to do a site reset but it tells me that the primary site is corrupted.  Setup cannot find a valid site control image in the database or in the site control file.
Please help I am at a loss on what to do as I'm still new to SCCM.  I will upload the SmsAdminUI.log and ConfigMgrSetup.log to give you guys an idea of what trouble I've caused myself, its like SCCM cant connect to the SQL DB anymore.  
I am willing to reinstall SCCM again as a last resort however will it delete all my application packages, boot images, etc etc, spent countless hours making them! :(
Bear in mind I wasn't the person to setup SCCM2012 in the first place so alot of the configuration is different to how it should of been set up on this forum, if I am forced to reinstall from scratch I'll follow the forum guide to the letter.
Please advise if I need to upload any more logs.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you could bring :)
*EDIT* Also uploading sitecomp.log




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