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InstallSource and client CU patching

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Hi. Ran into a weird thing.


We're deploying Config Manager updates via SCUP, and a number of our clients (all of them 32-bit so far) were failing to install the SP1 CU 5 patch for the CM client. The error in the event log was a 1706 saying it couldn't find a valid client.msi package. Digging around in the registry, all of these clients that I've seen so far had an installsource value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FD794BF1-657D-43B6-B183-603277B8D6C8}

of "\\siteServer\Client\i386" - this share was indeed inaccessible

Clients that patched successfully (both 32 and 64 bit) had a value of "c:\windows\ccmsetup\{Product Code for 32 or 64-bit client}" in there, instead.


Changing the reg key on problem systems to point to the local copy of the .msi did not work, though I didn't try rebooting them, since they're all live systems.


Changing the NTFS permissions on the \\siteserver\client share to grant everyone read (share permissions were already everyone=read) allowed these systems to patch. A system I was testing with and had changed the reg key to point at the local copy of the MSI actually changed that key back to \\siteServer\Client\i386 after patching was complete.


So what I'm wondering, is:

  1. Is the differing InstallSource location normal behavior?
  2. Should the client share have had Everyone with Read on it already?
  3. If 2. is "yes" then what's the best way to make sure permissions aren't hosed elsewhere as well? Just wait til something breaks? Reset? Other?
  4. If 2. is "no" then what are potential repercussions of granting everyone read access? I'm thinking nothing, but...

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