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Hello all,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Niall, and the rest of the community, this website has been excellent at helping me out over the years with all ConfigMgr related issues! definitely wouldn't be the engineer I am today without all your help :)


I have a question regarding Site Replication & Thread limits.


My organisation has a large SCCM environment, with a CAS and 6 primary sites, with multiple secondary sites under each primary. We are trying to optimise the total threads & threads per site to increase performance of the replication of data across the hierachy.


I've been going through a lot of the TechNet documentation regarding bandwidth management etc (mainly https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/gg712701.aspx#BKMK_BandwidthBetweenSites)

and cannot find what I am looking for.


My questions are:


1. Does the 'Sender' settings (Properties of a site) only affect File based replication? or does it also affect database replication?


2. The 'warning' in the above link which states: "When you configure rate limits to restrict the bandwidth use on a specific file replication route, Configuration Manager can use only a single thread to transfer data to that destination site. Use of rate limits for a file replication route overrides the use of multiple threads per site that are configured in the Maximum concurrent sendings for each site."


does this only affect file replication routes? or does the same apply for database replication routes, and also sending to remote distribution points?


3. Can anyone recommend / advise any 'best practice' or recommendations for optimising the concurrent thread settings?

any links or advice is welcome :)







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