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Help! I think Azure smashed my Distribution Point

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2 months ago I had one distribution point.

\\server\share$ ..
Now I got 2.. the second one being in the cloud.

24 hours ago I PXE'ed a computer and deployed OS with no issues.
Today all my task sequences fail, they all same they cannot reach packages at the distribution point.

It seems to be all the packages, I tried removing the one it complained about 'DK100001' which is USMT..
And instead it just started complaining about 'DK100003' which is the configuration Client

No configurations has changed in here the past 24 hours.
What has happened today though.
Is that our server guy added a new Active Directory Server in the cloud.
Could this in anyway be related? how do I get closer to finding the error?

This is what I got.

Boundaries : Active Directory Site . Default-First-Site-Name .. this should be correct

Boundary Groups : Got this one boundary

There is no configured cloud server -> Cloud distributionpoint

Distribution Point: Manage.Microsoft.Com . type: Cloud (not configured, not in a Group, not PXE supported)
Distribution Point: Server.local type: The correct one, its in a Group, it allows fallback and PXE


Distribution Point Groups - All Distribution Points, -> Containing the server.local

Site: Primary Site - Server.local -> Again the right one and says its active

Servers and site system roles -> This is where it gets a Little tricky.. it has both the cloud and the local server added here.. BOTH! with a distribution point role.
Though the cloud one seems to be unconfigured, and I'm not able to remove the role from it.



I'm at the end of what I can do here I'm afraid... I really hope someone can help me determind what the issue is.

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start with the basics, what does your smsts.log file tell you ? and has anyone changed any boundaries recently (or are they based on ad sites ?)

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I made it Work, by redistributing every single package that the distribution point contained..
Really strange, the files were all there, its like it lost its references

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