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Multiple programs inside one package?

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I am trying to install multiple Java versions in my UDI TS but after the deployment of the machine I get errors and java versions do not install.


Take a look at the example bellow:




If I do a package for every version separately works, but I want to cut down on the number of packages to make the console less crowded. I would like to do the same for Office 2013 but I cant.


Settings for program:


Even when I specify folder path where one of the versions is installed the installation fails (did i fill out the field correctly?):





Do i run it with UNC name or drive letter? tried both




Folder structure:








I tried putting all the versions or should i say their files to one folder and only then did it work, problem is that .cab filenames are the same so i cannot add as many versions as i want.


Please help,






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I'd probably do this with a simple batch file package that has the install commands in order of the lowest to highest versions.

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problem was solved by providing the package with a network path instead of local drive. As mentioned on Microsoft forums, this would not be recommended for some situations because this way of packaging downloads EVERYTHING inside of a folder therefore increasing time and bandwidth.

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