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im looking for a detailed step by step guide to deploy a private cloud and integrate it with App Controller for my developers to start building their own VMs

i am using Server 2012 R2, VMM 2012 R2 and App Controller 2012 R2. unfortunately i have not been able to get a decent content to see how it works. and VMM networking is not that simple to understand (for me atleast)

have any one of you guys got an existing content that i can refer to?

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Hi neel436,


We do have guides on the installation of VMM and App Controller on this site (I know, because I wrote them). Start with that to get the environment setup. There should also be an article on connecting App Controller to VMM.


As for configuration to use the 2 products for VM deployment, that's where post-install config come with VMM. That means you need to setup your virtual networks, virtual storage, templates, etc. in VMM first. That's a little more complicated, and difficult to explain.


Since networking is my weakest skillpoint, I am currently reading this ebook (Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution) to help grasp the virtual networking element (or, Software Defined Networking, 'SDN' for short). Once I have finished reading the book, as I do with all technical books I read, I will put up a review, and a list of points that I found most helpful. Note that this book review will not necessarily appear on this site, but on my personal blog: http://micloud.azurewebsites.net/. It will be within the appropriate subject space (i.e. under 'VMM').

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