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Peter Sokolov

Windows 7 - Capture only Task Sequence

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I need to create an only Capture Task Sequence.

I have Windows 7, with all drivers and soft.

Look down which steps I made:


1) sysprep.exe /quiet /generalize /shutdown /oobe

2) Made a task sequence in SCCM like anyweb told me "you can just rip the capture part of the build and capture ts and advertise THAT to your windows 7 capture collection, if i get time i'll do up a post" (sccm_task1.jpg)

3) Booted my PC (which I need to be captured)

4) Got an error (IMAG0001.jpg)


So can anyone help me - where is my mistake?

Thank you!



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Probably the step that you are trying to start with has to run in full OS...


I tried to do a Capture Only this weekend and it worked like a charm. I created a Task Sequence without a Mandatory schedule so i had to start it from the Run Advertised Programs. For Windows 7 my Task Sequence had the following steps:

    Join Workgroup
    Prepare ConfigMgr Client
    Prepare OS
    Capture the reference image

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Tried the same thing but I got the same 32 error.


The log had the following errors:


The execution of the group (Capture the Reference Machine) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed.

Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows)


Failed to run the last action: Prepare ConfigMgr Client. Execution of task sequence failed.

The request is not supported. (Error: 00000032; Source: Windows)

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<![LOG[The step (Prepare ConfigMgr Client) must be running in full OS]LOG]!><time="10:43:53.830+240" date="09-11-2009" component="TSManager" context="" type="3" thread="1456" file="instruction.cxx:2725">

<![LOG[!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!]LOG]!><time="10:43:53.830+240" date="09-11-2009" component="TSManager" context="" type="1" thread="1456" file="instruction.cxx:2979">

<![LOG[Failed to run the action: Prepare ConfigMgr Client.

The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows)]LOG]!>


This is a part of your smsts.log and it say's exactly what I already mentioned two(!) times before.....

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That is not gonna work....


When you want to use a Capture Only Task Sequence the machine has to be within the Boundaries, otherwise it is not possible to advertise anything to it... Then you should use a Capture CD.

Capture CD?

You mean just select Capture Only - Create Task Sequence Media and select - Capture Media? That's all?

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I get the same error when I run my TS


Failed to run the action: Prepare Windows for Capture.

The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows)


I created a Boot Media and run all of this from a WinPE DVD. How do you get by this error.

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