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Group Policy question

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Is it possible to...


Set up a Group policy for a Windows 8.1 Surface to set Proxy and IE Homepage etc ONLY if its connecting to the corporate domain


If the user logs on to use it as a portable device it uses a different Proxy and IE Homepage etc?



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Not tested, but couldn't you set a local group policy that defines your proxy and home pages for you?

When you login to the domain, the domain, site or OU policies should take precendence over the local settings.

Since policy should apply in the order of OU, Domain, Site, Local and you are only going to get OU, Domain and Site when you are connecting to the domain, it might work out.

However you would still have to define what the home page and proxy are (set them as not defined or disabled) on the local policy so they are rewritten when you drop from the domain. You might also have to apply a gpupdate /force for it to take effect.

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