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Need Advice about the Design

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Hello guys

I need help in design in (AD) and SCCM 2012

my topology is :

central site (HQ) and 16 branches

each branch have 15 users and connected via IP-VPN to central
I cannot make additional domain or even RODC in the branches ,
I just organized them by create OU for each branch

My Question : what's the best practice to organize and manage those branches (in domain controller and in sccm)

thank you all

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Thank you Garth Jones for you response and advice


sorry for give little info


I have 17 sites one of them is Central managamenet (HQ) and all remaining the same

" managed sites have two database servers and few clients"


the branches connected via IP-VPN 6 MB/s


I make single domain model , and put each branch in distinct OU


also i will deploy SCCM to manage all assets and clients.


but now i'm thinking about design to make it easier in SCCM with AD


Thanks all

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Yeah Garth hit the nail on the head.


You do not need a CAS you just need 1 Primary Site Server for SCCM. You only need a CAS if you are going over 100,000 devices and based on the information you gave you are far, far from that.


Your AD design for a single domain with sub-OU's for each location is also the way I would go about doing it as well.



As far as SCCM is concerned though once you have your primary site up you can then put Distribution Points at each of your 17 locations to take over the deployment of applications for your machines. If you find you have to much traffic from policy checks etc.. then add on a secondary site for the sites that are experiencing the issue.

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