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SCCM Console Builder Custom Property Class

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I was wondering if anyone here has used the Console Builder to add things into SCCM?


I followed the tutorial here http://idanve.blogspot.com/2015/03/add-custom-column-to-sccm-console-using.html


but I'm wondering if its possible to have a custom registry entry in a column. So here is where I'm getting at.


I have a reg key that gets placed during OSD that tells SCCM which image it has.


I can use Hardware Inventory to collect this Reg Key Value. I can run a query that tells me who has what image.


I would like to put this value into a column using the console builder if possible.


Following the tutorial I was not able to find this custom field. Does anybody have any ideas?


I think it has something to do with a property display item and/or Class Property? Is there any way to create a custom one?




I'm sure its an odd request but I'm bored at work so this will kill some time.

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My problem is I can't seem to find it, Here is the query that lets me know what image is on the machines.

I tried looking under SMS_G_SYSTEM for Current Version but its not listed. Thanks


select SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion.Version,

SMS_R_System.Name from SMS_R_System inner join

SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion on

SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion.ResourceID =

SMS_R_System.ResourceId inner join

SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion64 on

SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion64.ResourceID =

SMS_R_System.ResourceId where

SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion.Version = "IMAGE1"

or SMS_G_System_CurrentVersion64.Version = "IMAGE1" order by


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