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I have recently done migration from one SCCM 2007 to new one.

It has to be done as the old one was full of errors that it was beyond my knowledge to fix it.


After I have migrated boundaries from one to another, SCCM client has been pushed to the end points.

So far so good but I am receiving a tons of 5447 (MP has rejected a policy request from GUID:.......... because it was not approved. The operating system reported error 2147942405: Access is denied).


I have done my research and most solution I found saying that I need to approve those accounts.


I have run an SQL query to get a list of those accounts

Select distinct Name0

from [SMS_PRI].[dbo].[StatusMessages] as stat
left outer join [SMS_PRI].dbo.StatusMessageAttributes as att on stat.recordid = att.recordid
left outer join [SMS_PRI].dbo.StatusMessageInsStrs as ins on stat.recordid = ins.recordid
left outer join [SMS_PRI].dbo.v_StatusMessage as VStat on stat.recordid = VStat.recordid
inner join [SMS_PRI].dbo.v_R_System as SD on ins.InsStrValue = SD.SMS_Unique_Identifier0
join [SMS_PRI].dbo.ClientKeyData as CD on SD.SMS_Unique_Identifier0 = CD.smsID
join [SMS_PRI].dbo.v_RA_System_SMSAssignedSites as SAS on SD.ResourceID = SAS.ResourceID
WHERE (VStat.MessageId = '5447') AND
(stat.ModuleName='SMS Server ') AND
(ins.InsStrValue like 'GUID:%') AND
DATEADD(dd, 0, DATEDIFF(dd, 0, stat.Time)) >= '2015-04-22'

order by Name0 Desc

Then I have created collection to contain only those systems and all of them are approved.


How can I fix this?


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I personally just sort the columns within the console, then highlight the unapproved ones and approve them.

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There are no duplicate GUIDs as the report "Computers that may share the same SMS Unique ID" shows nothing.

Bad certs? I have added RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE as the client parameter and pushed client installation again.


Let see if that helps.

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