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Hello community,


I just want to share a strange behavior I'm experiencing when creating a USB standalone media for Windows 8.1 TS.

Actually, I receive an error when I try to generate the USB Stick, the wizard says:


"Media creation failed with error message: 'The system cannot find the path specified'

Refer to CreateTsMedia.log file to find more details


The only error reported in the log file is:


Beginning pass to compute volume layout
Setting up new volume
Failed to create media
CreateTsMedia failed with error 0x80070003, details=''
Media creation process that was started from Admin Console completed.
CreateMedia.exe finished with error code 80070003


So almost nothing is written on the disk, but error details obviously can't help me.

It is strange because when I'm generating Windows 7 standalone media (with the same USB stick, on the same computer), I have no issue at all.


I searched for fixes related to this error code on the web, but none of the method helps (unmounting network drives, assigning a drive letter to hidden partitions [i'm running W8.1], making sure I have enough disk space on my computer, upgrading the SCCM console... I even tried Voodoo it didn't help as well...)


SCCM Version is 2012 R2 CU4. I'm running the console as domain admin.


Any advice is welcome



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