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SCOM 2012 r12 - View Devices on a Cisco Router

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We are setting up a SCOM 2012 r2 server and have discovered several Cisco routers in our network. The show up under the Routers collection, but we cannot see what devices are connected to the routers.


All of our computers have been discovered and we would like to use the Network Vicinity Dashboard to view what is attached, and where.


Being new to SCOM, I am not sure what configuration I have missed, or set incorrectly. Any advise on how to configure, or what to override in a management pack, et. al., would be appreciated.



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Here is some reference material around Network Device monitoring in SCOM:







Here are some key points:

  • Each management server or gateway server can run only one discovery rule.
  • Operations Manager can identify connected devices in a recursive discovery that use an IPv6 address; however, the initial device that is discovered must use an IPv4 address.
  • All firewalls between the management server and the network devices need to allow SNMP (UDP) and ICMP bi-directionally, and ports 161 and 162 need to be open bi-directionally. This includes Windows Firewall on the management server itself.
  • If you are creating a recursive discovery rule, you must create a default account, which will be used to connect to and discover devices connected to the device that you specify on the Devices page. If you do not create and select an account on the Default Accounts page, the recursive discovery will discover the device that you specify but will not discover devices connected to it.

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