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How to remove a computer from sccm during a task sequence

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m trying to write a powershell script that will remove the computer running it from sccm during a task sequence. I have the proper server and site name in but it always returns a null resID during the task sequence but when i change it to be used in a normal powershell script in the ise it works just fine. I have the computer name saved as a task sequence variable OSDComputerName earlier in the task sequence. Can anyone help me out?

$SCCMServer = 'SERVER'

$sitename = 'SITE'

$tsenv = New-Object -COMObject Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment


$resID = Get-WmiObject -computername $SCCMServer -credential $credential -query "select resourceID from sms_r_system where Name like `'$computername`'" -Namespace "root\sms\site_$sitename"

if ($resID.ResourceId -eq $null)

{$msgboxValue = "The PC does not exist in SCCM"}



$comp = [wmi]"\\$SCCMServer\root\sms\site_$($sitename):sms_r_system.resourceID=$($resID.ResourceId)"


#// deletion successfull?


{$msgboxValue = "Successfully deleted $computername"}


{$msgboxValue = "Could not delete $computername, error: $($error[0])"}





[Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction]::msgbox($msgboxValue, 0, "Delete from SCCM Status")

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