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Discovering Software out there without Asset Intelligence

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Hey Everyone


So, we are not currently able to use Asset Intelligence with our upcoming rollout. I have a script running at logon that collects installed programs, anyone know something powershell'ish that I can compare 3500 text files (line by line) that will output a file telling me how many duplicates it finds of each application?


Or has anyone used something free or paid that was a good product for application discovery? In the identification process right now and have to work with what we have so any suggestions will be appreciated.





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Do you get enough information from Hardware Inventory? This will give you all apps installed in Add/Remove Programs?


If not try out http://www.snowsoftware.com/int



Thanks for the info. I am unable to install client on the older OS, corporate want that separation. I will however check out Snow Software, have you used it? How do you rate it as a user?


Thanks again.


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